Surveys started in Mykolaiv oblast, Ukraine

ESJF 2019/20 surveys in five European countries

Surveys started in Mykolaiv oblast, Ukraine

The ESJF team began the ground surveys in Mykolaiv oblast, southern Ukraine. We planning to visit 45 cemeteries altogether.

In Mykolaiv there has not been a comprehensive list of Jewish cemeteries before. ESJF in-house historian, Kateryna Malakhova conducted archival research and identified 16 places documented Jewish cemeteries, that have not previously been assessed by researchers. In addition, there are 8 locations that have been documented and researched by others. In all these cases the existence of cemeteries is confirmed, and our teams are there to gather up-to-date and accurate information about them.

The survey team will also visit 21 locations, where there is a chance to discover Jewish burial sites due to the size of the local Jewish population before World War II. These are often completely forgotten places with no documentation. Visiting such places is at the core of the 2019-2020 surveys, as this is how we are able to rescue sites from complete oblivion. However, survey teams often fail to find Jewish cemeteries; these cases offer a less spectacular result, but they are crucial for a full overview of Jewish cemeteries in any country.

Surveys will take place in the next few weeks, we will publish an overview of the progress we made.