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Kuty Jewish Cemetery

Drone survey :
Kuty Jewish Cemetery
Historical map and perimeter :
Khotymyr Jewish Cemetery

Site Address:
The cemetery's address is 1, Hlyboka Street.
GPS coordinates:
48.25910, 25.17301
Perimeter length:
425 metres
Is the cemetery demolished:
Type and height of existing fence:
Type of the fence. The cemetery is surrounded by remnants of an old stone wall. There are also fences of bordering private properties.
General Site Condition:
Unfenced Jewish cemetery. The cemetery is well-maintained. The eastern sight is slightly overgrown. A lot of broken gravestones on the sit were restored. There is a staircase going up to the top of the hill.
Number of existing gravestones:
About 3000
Date of Oldest Tombstone:
Date of Newest Tombstone:
Urgency of erecting a fence:
High. The old stone wall should be repaired or a new fence constructed.
Land Ownership:
Municipality/Property of local community
Preserved Construction on Site:
There is an ohel of Moshe Makitov (died in 1738) and his wife Sarah Sisi (died in 1734), erected by the Ohaley Tzadikim union. There are a few tsiyunim on the site. A tsiyun of Sarah (died in 1892), a wife of Rabbi Hayil is located in the ohel. Tsyunim of Rabbi Yoseph (died in 1828), head of the rabbinical court, and his wife Gitel (died in 1840), as well as the other damaged tsyunim.
Mass Graves on Site:
Yes. There is a marked mass grave on the site.According to VAAD, there is an unmarked mass grave.
Drone surveys:

The exact period of the cemetery’s establishment is unknown. According to the dates on the preserved gravestones, it can be assumed that the cemetery emerged in the first half of the 18th century. First, it appears on maps of the 1880s. Later it was marked on a map of 1939.