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Husakiv Jewish Cemetery

Drone survey :
Husakiv Jewish Cemetery

Historical map and perimeter :
Husakiv Jewish Cemetery

Site Address:
To reach the cemetery, proceed for about 1000 metres in the southern direction from the centre of the village. Turn right into a dirt road. Proceed to the end of the road. Turn right into an asphalted road. The cemetery is located adjacent to a fenced farm on the left of the road.
GPS coordinates:
Perimeter length:
537 metres
Is the cemetery demolished:
Type and height of existing fence:
No fence
General Site Condition:
Demolished Jewish cemetery that has not been built over. The cemetery site is overgrown and neglected.
Number of existing gravestones:
No tombstones preserved
Urgency of erecting a fence:
Land Ownership:
Other. There is no information on the ownership of the site.
Preserved Construction on Site:
There is a tsiyun of Rabbi Efraim Dov Langnoir, av beit din of Husakiv (d. 1900) and his son, Yosef Eliyahu, also av beit din Husakiv. The tziyun was constructed by "Ohalei Tzaddikim" during last decade.
Drone surveys:

The Jewish cemetery existed at this site at least from 18th century, as it is shown as Jewish cemetery on the First Military survey map of Habsburg empire in 1780s. Possibly, its oldest part was beyond the marked perimeter, at the site marked on WIG map of 1930s as Christian cemetery (north from the Jewish one). However, the marked perimeter is shown as a Jewish cemetery on the WIG map of 1930s. Presumably, the cemetery was demolished during or after WWII. The Jews were present in Husakiv since the early 17th century. The Jewish community had already existed from the first half of the 18th century. The Jews of Husakiv engaged in trading, money lending and crafting. In 1880, the Jewish population numbered 564 (42.2% of the total population). In 1900, it grew to 629 (41.9% of the total population). The bookbinder public society “Tikun-Sfarim” operated in the pre-war period. At the same time, the Zionist organizations became active in Husakiv. The economic condition of the community severely declined during WWI. It affected the Jewish population which reduced to 249 (25.6% of the total population) in 1921. The Wehrmacht troops occupied Husakiv, started a pogrom and burnt a synagogue on June 22, 1941. The Jews of Husakiv were deported to the ghettos of the surrounding cities in November 1942.

3D model allows us to get topographical information from the site with high accuracy later we use this model to produce a proposed design with fence that could be constructed for the site preservation.
You can get a link to download 3D model by request if you email us.