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Tirgul-Vertujeni Jewish Cemetery

Perimeter map:

Tirgul-Vertujeni Jewish Cemetery map

Site Address:
Walk south along the main street. 280 metres before the end of the street, turn left. The cemetery is situated 40 metres from the road, on the edge of the woods.
GPS coordinates:
48.02268, 28.52934
Perimeter length:
394 metres
Is the cemetery demolished:
Type and height of existing fence:
Yes. The cemetery is surrounded by an old masonry wall of 1.5 metres height, in need of some reconstruction.
General Site Condition:
Fenced and protected Jewish cemetery. The cemetery is in good condition. It is abandoned and not maintained, but not overgrown.
Number of existing gravestones:
Around 80. The post-WWII part of the cemetery is situated close to the gate and consist of two rows of around 50 well-preserved gravestones. The old part covers the rest of the territory. It is slightly ruined, and there are some dozens of broken gravestones.
Date of Oldest Tombstone:
1910 (oldest tombstone found by ESJF expedition)
Date of Newest Tombstone:
Urgency of erecting a fence:
The fence is not needed. The old masonry wall requires some repair.
Land Ownership:
Municipality/Property of local community
Mass Graves on Site:
Yes. The cemetery includes one marked mass grave from the Holocaust.
Drone surveys: