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Kishinev Skulyanka Jewish Cemetery (Demolished part)

Drone survey :
Kishinev Skulyanka Jewish Cemetery

Kishinev Skulyanka Jewish Cemetery

Historical map and perimeter :
Kishinev Skulyanka Jewish Cemetery

Site Address:
The cemetery site is located in “Alunelul” park, between Calea Ieshilor Street, Milano Street, and Ion Neculce Street.
GPS coordinates:
47.03749, 28.80485
Perimeter length:
1000 metres
Is the cemetery demolished:
Yes. The cemetery was demolished in the late 1950s.
Type and height of existing fence:
No fence
General Site Condition:
Demolished and overbuilt Jewish cemetery. The cemetery site is now occupied by a public park with playgrounds, a tennis court, and multi-storey housing.
Number of existing gravestones:
No tombstones preserved
Urgency of erecting a fence:
Fence is not needed
Land Ownership:
Municipality/Property of local community
Preserved Construction on Site:
There is a memorial to the victims of the 1903 Kishinev Pogrom, erected between 1993 and 2003, on the spot the desecrated Torah scrolls were buried. The approximate location of the demolished Beit-tahara is known.
Drone surveys:
No. Permission has not yet been granted by the local authorities, but drone surveys may be carried out at a later date.

The “Skulyanka” Jewish cemetery was most likely established in the early 19th century. According to maps of the region, it already existed on the site in 1817. The old section of the cemetery was demolished and built over between 1958 and 1960.