Surveys in Moldova

ESJF 2019/20 surveys in five European countries

Cherkasy Jewish section on the 1st Municipal Cemetery

Site Address:
2, des`ka Street. On the corner of Odes`ka Street and Rustavi Street (Cemetery №1).
GPS coordinates:
Perimeter length:
578 metres. The perimeter is approximate, and encompasses some rows of Christian graves, as well as individual Christian tombstones.
Is the cemetery demolished:
Type and height of existing fence:
Type of the fence. The cemetery as a whole is surrounded by a concrete wall, in which there are some gaps. There is no separate fence for the Jewish section.
General Site Condition:
Jewish section within municipal cemetery. The cemetery is partially overgrown with bushes and tall grass. Some trees seem to be at risk of falling. Some Christian graves are located in the Jewish section and vice versa.
Number of existing gravestones:
About 500. It appears some of the tombstones were transferred here from an older Jewish cemetery. Moreover, there are multiple cenotaphs. The mixed nature of the cemetery makes it difficult to determine the exact number of Jewish graves.
Date of Oldest Tombstone:
2019, still operational
Urgency of erecting a fence:
Fence is not needed (already fenced). Moreover, the cemetery is mixed.
Land Ownership:
Municipality/Property of local community
Drone surveys:

The Jewish section on the 1st Municipal Cemetery was established in 1962. According to Lo Tishkakh database, the oldest burial dates to 1967, but the ESJF survey team were able to find tombstones from the early 20th century, which were most likely transferred over from the older cemetery.