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Chania Cemetery at Etz Chayim Synagogue

Perimeter map:

Chania Cemetery at Etz Chayim Synagogue map

Site Address:
24, Parados Kondilaki Street. The cemetery is located in the courtyard of the Etz Chayim synagogue, to the left of the building behind a metal fence.
GPS coordinates:
35.515715, 24.016639
Perimeter length:
28 metres
Type and height of existing fence:
Yes. The small cemetery is located within the walls of the inner yard of the Etz Chayim synagogue.
General Site Condition:
Fenced and protected Jewish cemetery. The small cemetery is located in at the inner yard of the synagogue, and is cared for by museum workers.
Number of existing gravestones:
5. At least 4 of them have been removed from their original places and are standing near the walls.
Date of Oldest Tombstone:
Date of Newest Tombstone:
Urgency of erecting a fence:
The cemetery is fenced.
Land Ownership:
Property of local community
Preserved Construction on Site:
Etz Chayim Synagogue
Drone surveys:
No. A drone survey was not seen as necessary, as the cemetery is located on a very small location within the old city.