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Argostoli Jewish Cemetery

Perimeter map:

Argostoli Jewish Cemetery map

Ionian Islands
Site Address:
The cemetery was located around the intersection of Charokopou Street and Ellinikou Erithrou Stavrou street.
GPS coordinates:
38.18412, 20.48480
Perimeter length:
380 metres
Is the cemetery demolished:
Type and height of existing fence:
No fence
General Site Condition:
The town’s Archaeological Museum was built on the site of the former cemetery. The museum was was destroyed during the earthquake of 1953, which is marked with a memorial plaque to the destroyed museum. Now, the territory is used as a wasteland and a public park around the memorial, perhaps also as a part of the road. There is also an abandoned municipal building on the site of the former cemetery.
Number of existing gravestones:
No tombstones preserved.
Urgency of erecting a fence:
Fence is not needed
Land Ownership:
Drone surveys: