Secondary school educational outreach in Ukraine completed in Vyshnivets

ESJF 2019/20 surveys in five European countries

Secondary school educational outreach in Ukraine completed in Vyshnivets

With the educational project on November 14th in Vyshnivets, Kyiv oblast, ESJF educational outreach in Ukraine to secondary school students has been completed under the pilot project co-funded by the European Commission. 

Secondary school students of around 16 years of age were invited from four schools in Vyshnivets and the surrounding towns of Stary Vyshnivets, Butyn, and Bodaki. Students visited both cemeteries of Vyshnivets in smaller groups, guided by ESJF educator Dr. Alexandra  Fishel. As in the previous educational project held in Bohuslav (read more here), students visited the cemetery after learning how to read Hebrew dates, standard gravestone formulas, and commonly found epigraphic symbols. They were accompanied by their teachers, who proved to be essential to the success of the project.

Vyshivets has both an old and a new Jewish cemetery, both fenced by ESJF in 2019. We are proud to continue our work here and hope that our educational outreach will contribute to the long-term protection of local Jewish heritage.

Within the project funded by the European Union, ESJF is testing a variety of educational approaches in different regional contexts. After work in the five project countries wraps up, we will evaluate the results, collecting approaches that proved to be successful  in facilitating learning about Jewish cemeteries and sites of material heritage.

In Ukraine, we will also pilot educational work in higher educational contexts soon. The first such project will be centred around a two-day training seminar about drone technology in heritage preservation, aimed at engineering students who  specialise in surveying and land management, which will take place early December.

Photos: Students from Vyshnivets and surrounding towns visit the town’s old and new Jewish cemeteries.