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UAV technology to heritage tourism
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Over the course of our EU-funded pilot project, we were able to gain significant insights into a
number of fields, from UAV technology to sustainable heritage tourism. Working with experts, ESJF
collated these insights into a set of instructional handbooks – the ESJF Guide series.
We have also produced a standalone Prototype Handbook: Jewish Cemeteries and Sustainable
Protection, co-written by Ruth Ellen Gruber.

Put together with the generous support of the European Commission, these publications are open-
access and free to download.

Surveying and Modelling
Jewish Heritage Sites

Геодезичнi Дослiдження та Моделювання
Об'єктiв Єврейської Спадщини

Jewish Cemeteries and
Sustainable Protection

Jewish Cemeteries
in the Classroom

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