ESJF 2019/20 surveys in five European countries

Drone surveys wrapping up for 2019 with more than 90% of the work done

The ESJF is happy to report that we finished drone surveys for 2019. In the framework of the pilot project that runs between December 2018 and May 2020, funded by the European Commission we pledged to map and survey at least 1500 Jewish cemeteries in 5 countries: Moldova, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine. We are…
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ESJF’s educational projects underway in Slovakia

ESJF educational projects underway in Slovakia

ESJF has begun its educational outreach to schools in Slovakia. On October 7th, 2019, the head of the Holocaust Documentation Center in Bratislava, Dr. Jan Hlavinka, led students of two schools in the eastern Slovakian town of Humenné on an excursion to the local Jewish cemetery.  Students from Gymnázium arm.gen. Ludvika Svobodu and elementary school…
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Surveys finishing in Lithuania

ESJF surveyed 100 sites in the past weeks in Lithuania in the framework of the pilot project funded by the European Commission. Lithuania is the last of the 5 countries where ESJF is conducting ground surveys this year. The surveys were supported by local partners Community of Lithuanian Jews, Lietuvos žydų bendruomenė, especially national coordinator…
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Unexpected cemetery discovery in Novoselytsia

Unexpected cemetery discovery in Novoselytsia, Chernivetska oblast

ESJF started surveying in Chernivetska oblast; we have already visited over 60 sites. In many cases, our work concerns making sure the presence or absence of Jewish cemeteries in places where the historical record suggests a possibility of long-term Jewish presence, but where accurate documentation was hitherto missing. However, something unexpected happened last week, when…
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Policy officer Maciej Hofman from the European Commission visits Zakarpattya with the ESJF survey team

The 2019-2020 EU grant that ESJF received from the European Commission entails a mass survey of 1500 Jewish cemeteries in 5 countries, as well as educational programs, building cooperation with local authorities and spreading the word about our shared heritage. Between 5-7 June, policy officer Maciej Hofman from the European Commission Directorate-General for Education, Youth,…
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