ESJF 2019/20 surveys in five European countries

ESJF and Centropa conduct successful seminar for secondary school teachers in Thessaloniki, Greece

ESJF has teamed up with Centropa, an NGO that focuses on Jewish education, to organise a seminar for 35 secondary school educators in Greece. Titled “Teaching 20th century multicultural Greek history through Jewish family stories, promoting interreligious tolerance in the Balkans,” the seminar invited participants to develop approaches to bring Jewish history to the classroom…
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Consortium led by ESJF wins funding from the European Commission for a second pilot project to continue mass surveys of Europe’s Jewish cemeteries

The European Commission has awarded a grant of 1 million Euros to a consortium led by the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) to continue the mapping and surveying of Jewish cemeteries in Europe, and to facilitate awareness raising, education and stakeholder engagement. The consortium brings together the renown international Jewish education NGO Centropa, and the…
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Secondary school educational outreach in Ukraine completed in Vyshnivets

With the educational project on November 14th in Vyshnivets, Kyiv oblast, ESJF educational outreach in Ukraine to secondary school students has been completed under the pilot project co-funded by the European Commission.  Secondary school students of around 16 years of age were invited from four schools in Vyshnivets and the surrounding towns of Stary Vyshnivets,…
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First educational projects of our EU-funded pilot project take place in Ukraine

Educational activity under the pilot project that sponsors ESJF’s mass surveys in 2018-2020 has begun in Ukraine. On November 6th, educator and Jewish cemetery expert Dr. Alexandra Fishel led around 50 secondary school students to the Jewish cemetery in Bohuslav, Kyiv oblast. ESJF educational projects aim to make Jewish material heritage more accessible for young…
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Educational outreach in Slovakia coming to a close

ESJF’s educational projects in Slovakia are wrapping up. The projects, carried out with secondary school students in seven eastern Slovakian schools, have piloted ESJF’s educational activity in the country, serving as the basis for future heritage education. They reached almost 200 students from different schools across the country. Experienced educators Dr. Ján Hlavinka and Michala…
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