ESJF educational projects underway in Slovakia

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ESJF educational projects underway in Slovakia

ESJF’s educational projects underway in Slovakia

ESJF has begun its educational outreach to schools in Slovakia. On October 7th, 2019, Dr. Jan Hlavinka, head of the Holocaust Documentation Center in Bratislava, led students from two schools in the eastern Slovakian town of Humenné on an excursion to the local Jewish cemetery. 

Students from Gymnázium arm.gen. Ludvika Svobodu and elementary school Základná škola Dargovských hrdinov were given a lecture on the Jewish history of their town. During the cemetery visit that followed, they were joined by Mr. Juraj Levick‎ý, representing the Jews of Humenné. The excursion, which intended to bring students closer to local Jewish heritage, also attracted the interest of reporters from the local television station (Humenská televízia).

These projects introduce students to the Jewish history of their home region and its Jewish material heritage. The on-site cemetery visits further serve to de-mystify Jewish burial sites. Moreover, educators are targeted through the ESJF’s educational program, which gives them the information and tools they need to effectively teach about Jewish culture and history. In Slovakia, a teacher training seminar for seven educators took place in Bardejov on the 12th – 13th of September, 2019. 

Further educational projects in Slovakia will be held in the towns of Medzilaborce, Bardejov, Presov, and Snina in October and November 2019.