Pilot project "Protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe:
a full mapping process with research and monitoring and individual costed proposals for protection"
сo-funded by the European Union

ESJF 2019 — 2020 cemetery surveys in five European countries

Within the framework of the European Commission’s call for a pilot project Protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe: A full mapping process with research and monitoring and individual costed proposals for protection, the ESJF was awarded 800,000 EUR to survey 1,500 Jewish burial sites across five European countries.

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ESJF to Launch Online Drone Seminars in May 2020

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative is launching an online course on the applications of UAVs and photogrammetric modeling in heritage protection projects. The course is open to all who are[…] Read more

Lviv Students Complete Technical Training

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) continues its educational outreach in Ukraine. On February 20, Students gathered at Lviv Polytechnic University to learn about the ESJF’s cultural heritage preservation work[…] Read more

Educational programs conducted for 10th and 11th grade students in Ukraine’s Artek camp

Ukraine has been and remains a home for many ethnic and religious groups, each of which has left its influence on the culture of the country. But today these communities[…] Read more

ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative

ESJF is a German-based NGO active in Central and Eastern Europe. ESJF started its work in 2015, surveying and fencing Jewish cemeteries in order to protect them from destruction. With funding from the European Union, ESJF is now carrying out this work on a larger scale. Using cutting-edge drone technology and in-depth historical research as part of its new project, ESJF is mapping around 1,500 Jewish cemetery sites in Greece, Moldova, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Ukraine; drawing up individual, costed proposals for protection; and setting up cooperation with local authorities and the broader public, to engage people in protecting Jewish heritage across various communities.

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